rachel rodriguez

rachel rodriguez

'It's just no go; you got no show without the producers!'
-Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick, The Producers

I'm Rachel Rodriguez. I'm a producer at CNN in Atlanta, Georgia.

When I tell people I'm a producer, they usually ask what that means. And after I sigh like Dustin Hoffman in Wag the Dog, I tell them that it's really a very good question. Because producer can mean anything, from the lowly assistant producer on a film set who makes coffee and runs scripts to the high-powered executive producer who's in charge of an entire television network.

In my case, it's very literal. I...well...produce things. I create. I write stories, build photo essays, edit video - anything that tells a story. Specifically, I'm a writer/producer for user participation, which means I work with CNN's users/viewers to create all kinds of content. For more on that, check out my portfolio.

I named this site The Producer as a not-at-all subtle reference to the Mel Brooks movie, musical, and movie-musical The Producers, mostly because I am a huge dork who adores musicals (of both the Broadway and silver screen variety). And since I happen to have a job that's also the name of a musical...I got lucky.

Besides being a producer, I'm a dancer, semi-professional violinist, avid Duke fan (and 2008 grad), and leader of weekly CNN yoga. Really. And now I'll stop talking about myself and let you browse around the site (which is, sadly, mostly about me. Oh well, what are you gonna do?).